KODAK EASYSHARE-ONE/4 MP Replacement Cable Tech Sheet

Replacement Camera Cable for KODAK Model EASYSHARE-ONE/4 MP

If you need to order a replacement cable for your EASYSHARE-ONE/4 MP Camera, made by KODAK,

Device Type: Camera

Manufacture (OEM): KODAK
Kodak Drivers Location: kodak.com
Our Part Number : 71146
Interface Type : USB
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Kodak USB Cable Model U-8 GENUINE KODAK U8

Part No71146
Price 1-9 $11.95
Price 10-99 $11.50
Price 100+ $11.25
UPC Code0041771955137
Kodak USB Cable Model U-8 GENUINE KODAK U8

Kodak U-8 USB Cable

Made by KODAK #1955137
The Kodak U-8, USB cable connects select KODAK Digital Cameras and the Photo Frame Dock 2 to the to the USB port on your PC or MACINTOSH computer, enabling you to transfer pictures or other data between the computer and the attached device.
Replacement cable Kodak Model Cameras.
OEM Cable # 1955137
Compatible with the following KODAK products:
Z812 IS, C310, C315, C330, C340, C360, C433, C503, C513, C530, C533, C603, C613, C633, C643, C653, C663, C703, C713, C743, C763, C813, C875, Camera Dock Series 3, CD33, CD40, CD43, CW330, EASYSHARE-ONE / 4 MP, EASYSHARE-ONE / 6 MP, M753, M853, M873, M883, P712, P850, P880, Photo Frame Dock 2, V1003, V1233, V1253, V530, V550, V570, V603, V610, V705, V803, Z1275, Z612, Z650, Z700, Z710, Z712 IS, Z730, Z740, Z760, Z885, Z981, ZD710
C140, C160, C180, C182, C190, C310, C315, C330, C340, C360, C433, C503, C513, C530, C533, C603, C610, C613, C623, C633, C643, C653, C663, C703, C713, C743, C763, C813, C875, C913, C1013, CD14, CD33, CD40, CD43, CD50, CD80, CD82, CD90, CD93, CD703, CD913, CD1013, CW330, EASYSHARE-ONE / 4 MP, EASYSHARE-ONE / 6 MP, MD41, MD81, MD853, MD863, M1063, MD1063, MX1063, M1073 IS, M1093 IS, M320, M340, M341, M380, M381, M420, M420K, M420PU, M753, M853, M763, M863, M893 IS, P712, P850, P880, V550, V803, V1003, Z1012 IS, Z1015 IS, Z1085 IS, Z1275, Z1285, Z1485 IS, Z612, Z650, Z700, Z710, Z712IS, Z730, Z740, Z760, Z812 IS, Z8612 IS, ZD8612 IS, Z885, Z915, Z950, Z980, Z981, ZD15, ZD710, ZX1

Partial List of Compatible Devices



  1. CD33
  2. CD40
  3. CD43
  4. CW330
  5. EasyShare C1013
  6. EasyShare C160
  7. EasyShare C180
  8. EasyShare C182
  9. EasyShare C190
  10. EasyShare C310
  11. EasyShare C315
  12. EasyShare C330
  13. EasyShare C340
  14. EasyShare C360
  15. EasyShare C433
  16. EasyShare C503
  17. EasyShare C513
  18. EasyShare C530
  19. EasyShare C533
  20. EasyShare C603
  21. EasyShare C613
  22. EasyShare C633
  23. EasyShare C643
  24. EasyShare C653
  25. EasyShare C663
  26. EasyShare C703
  27. EasyShare C713
  28. EasyShare C743
  29. EasyShare C763
  30. EasyShare C813
  31. EasyShare C875
  32. EasyShare C913
  33. EasyShare M1063
  34. EasyShare M1073 IS
  35. EasyShare M1093 IS
  36. EasyShare M340
  37. EasyShare M341
  38. EasyShare M380
  39. EasyShare M381
  40. EasyShare M753
  41. EasyShare M763
  42. EasyShare M853
  43. EasyShare M863
  44. EasyShare M893
  45. EasyShare MD1063
  46. EasyShare MX1063
  47. EasyShare P712
  48. EasyShare P850
  49. EasyShare P880
  50. EasyShare V1003
  51. EasyShare V550
  52. EasyShare V803
  53. EasyShare Z1015
  54. EasyShare Z1085
  55. EasyShare Z1275
  56. EasyShare Z612
  57. EasyShare Z650
  58. EasyShare Z700
  59. EasyShare Z710
  60. EasyShare Z712 IS
  61. EasyShare Z730
  62. EasyShare Z740
  63. EasyShare Z760
  64. EasyShare Z812 IS
  65. EasyShare Z850
  66. EasyShare Z8612
  67. EasyShare Z8612 IS
  68. EasyShare Z885
  69. EasyShare Z915
  70. EasyShare Z950
  71. EasyShare Z981
  72. EasyShare ZD710
  75. KODAK OEM# 1955137
  76. Photo Frame Dock 2

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