FUJI FinePix F20 Replacement Cable Tech Sheet

Replacement Camera Cable for FUJI Model FinePix F20

If you need to order a replacement cable for your FinePix F20 Camera, made by FUJI,

Device Type: Camera

Manufacture (OEM): FUJI
Fuji Drivers Location: www.fujifilmusa.com
Model : FinePix F20
Our Part Number : 70596
Interface Type : USB
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FUJI USB Camera Cable 4FT D6

Part No70596
Stock 2100 - IN STOCK
Price 1-9 $5.95
Price 10-99 $5.65
Price 100+ $5.45
UPC Code820799705968
FUJI USB Camera Cable 4FT D6

Fuji Camera Cable 8-pin Flat-8 USB Cable

USB 2.0 A Male to Mini 8-pin Flat Male
Data transfer rates up to 480Mbps
UL Listed - UL2725
Metallic Braid & Mylar Foil Shielding to Reduce EM/RF Interference
Twisted Pair for Consistent Data Transmission
Compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 Devices
Compatible with PC & Mac Computers
Plug and Play Compatible
Length = 1.8 meters (5.9 feet)
Additional Camera Cable Information
Cable Designed for The Following Fuji Models:

Partial List of Compatible Devices



  1. FinePix 8000FD
  2. FinePix F100fd
  3. FinePix F20
  4. FinePix F20se
  5. FinePix F30
  6. FinePix F31
  7. FinePix F31fd
  8. FinePix F40
  9. FinePix F40fd
  10. FinePix F45
  11. FinePix F45fd
  12. FinePix F460
  13. FinePix F47
  14. FinePix F470
  15. FinePix F47fd
  16. FinePix F480
  17. FinePix F50
  18. FinePix F50fd
  19. FinePix F50se
  20. FinePix F60fd
  21. FinePix FD
  22. FinePix S1000fd
  23. FinePix S2960
  24. FinePix S2970
  25. FinePix S2980
  26. FinePix S3200HD
  27. FinePix S3250HD
  28. FinePix S3280
  29. FinePix S3300
  30. FinePix S3400
  31. FinePix S4000HD
  32. FinePix S4050HD
  33. FinePix S4080
  34. FinePix S5700
  35. FinePix S5800
  36. FinePix S700
  37. FinePix S8000
  38. FinePix S8000fd
  39. FinePix S8100fd

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