BARNESNOBLE NOOK Model BNRV200 Replacement Cable Tech Sheet

Replacement Tablet Cable for BARNESNOBLE Model NOOK Model BNRV200

If you need to order a replacement cable for your NOOK Model BNRV200 Tablet, made by BARNESNOBLE,

Device Type: Tablet

Manufacture (OEM): BARNESNOBLE
Model : NOOK Model BNRV200
Our Part Number : 87303
Interface Type : USB
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Barnes and Noble EBook USB 2.0 Data Sync-Charge Cable

Part No87303
UPC Code820799873032
Barnes and Noble EBook USB 2.0 Data Sync-Charge Cable
Nook Charger Cable.
This cable was designed by Barnes and Noble and has a Modified. 12Pin + 5Pin Cable.
The 12 Pin Connector Allows faster Charging and has a LED on the Connector that indicates the Charging.
Inside the Connector.

This cable was known to FAIL Rapidly.
Lawsuit referencing the bad cable.

If you use a Standard Micro Connector it still works but Charges at a Slower Rate.
See our Part #80516.
Barnes and Noble Cable

Partial List of Compatible Devices



  1. NOOK GlowLight
  2. NOOK Model BNRV200
  3. NOOK Model BNRV300
  4. NOOK Model BNRV350
  5. NOOK Model BNTV250
  6. NOOK Model BNTV250A

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