CANON PowerShot S20 Replacement Cable Tech Sheet

Replacement Camera Cable for CANON Model PowerShot S20

If you need to order a replacement cable for your PowerShot S20 Camera, made by CANON,

Device Type: Camera

Manufacture (OEM): CANON
Model : PowerShot S20
Our Part Number : 70555
Interface Type : USB
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IFC-200PCU Compatible Canon Camera Cable 12-Wire D8

Part No70555
Price 1-9 $8.50
Price 10-99 $8.25
Price 100+ $7.95
UPC Code820799705555
IFC-200PCU Compatible Canon Camera Cable 12-Wire D8
Interface Cable for connecting the camera to a USB Port on the Mac or PC.
Used to transfer Images.
Hi Quality USB 2.0 Cable with Single Ferrite.
For Compaible Models See Below

Compaible with Canon Part:IFC-200PCU,4566A001AA

Connector Slot on Camera

Partial List of Compatible Devices



  1. Digital IXUS V
  2. Digital IXUS V2
  3. Digital IXUS V3
  4. EOS D30
  5. EOS D60
  6. IFC-200PCU
  7. LV-S1
  8. PowerShot G1
  9. PowerShot G2
  10. PowerShot Pro 90
  11. PowerShot Pro 90IS
  12. PowerShot S10
  13. PowerShot S100
  14. PowerShot S110
  15. PowerShot S20
  16. PowerShot S200
  17. PowerShot S230

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