CASIO QV-3EX Replacement Cable Tech Sheet

Replacement Camera Cable for CASIO Model QV-3EX

If you need to order a replacement cable for your QV-3EX Camera, made by CASIO,

Device Type: Camera

Manufacture (OEM): CASIO
Model : QV-3EX
Our Part Number : 70542
Interface Type : USB
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CASIO USB Camera Cable 4-Pin D3-LONG 6FT

Part No70542
Stock Limited Stock
Price 1-9 $5.95
Price 10-99 $5.85
Price 100+ $5.75
UPC Code820799705425
CASIO USB Camera Cable 4-Pin D3-LONG 6FT
USB 2.0 Camera Cable Designed for Digital Cameras
Downward compatible to 1.0 and 1.1 USB.
Dual Ferrite Core 6ft Length.
Casio Models:
QV-2000UX, 2300UX, 2900UX, 3EX, 3000EX
USB Type-A Connector
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Partial List of Compatible Devices



  1. QV-2000 Starter
  2. QV-2000Plus
  3. QV-2000UX
  4. QV-2300UX
  5. QV-2400UX
  6. QV-2800UX
  7. QV-2900UX
  8. QV-3000EX
  9. QV-3500EX
  10. QV-3EX
  11. QV-3EX Plus
  12. QV-8000 Starter
  13. QV-8000SX

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