GARMIN eTrex H Replacement Cable Tech Sheet

Replacement Gps Cable for GARMIN Model eTrex H

If you need to order a replacement cable for your eTrex H Gps, made by GARMIN,

Device Type: Gps

Manufacture (OEM): GARMIN
Model : eTrex H
Our Part Number : 88001
Interface Type : SERIAL
Additional Information on Gps Cables
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Garmin GPS SERIAL Cable eMap eTrex eTrex Summit ED1

Part No88001
Price 1-9 $9.95
Price 10-99 $9.50
Price 100+ $9.25
UPC Code820799880016
Garmin GPS SERIAL Cable eMap eTrex eTrex Summit ED1
Connect this cable to a PC and download free system upgrades for your eTrex and eMap from
You can also save or load waypoints, routes, and maps.
Features ePlug , a custom 9-pin D connector
Molded on Ferrite Core for RFI and EMI reduction.
4 conductor cable with all 4 wires connected to all 4 ePlug pins with power connected to pin #8

Partial List of Compatible Devices



  1. eMap
  2. eTrex
  3. eTrex H
  4. eTrex Legend
  5. eTrex Summit
  6. eTrexVenture
  7. geko 201
  8. geko 301

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