GamePort and DB15 Port on Computers.

The game port on Computers dates back to Early Personal Computers like the TRS-80 and Original IBM-PC and Apple II.
These where used to control the cursor on the Screen and in Many games just to control the Game Flow.
Originally they where designed with a DB9 Port but Eventually Progressed to a DB15 Port allowing Two Joystick so people could play against each other.
A Splitter Cable is used to breakout to Joystick-1 Joystick-2

Many Manufactures Including CH Products, Gravis, SaiTech, Rockfire, Logitech, Microsoft designed many different type of DB15 type devices including:
GamePads, Joysticks, Driving Wheels and Pedals, Flight Controller Yok and Rudders, Even Toy Guns.

Here is a List of some of these DB-15 devices along with our Solutions.

Solution 1: DB15 with old Analog style interface.
The Following use our Standard USB to Joystick Adapter.
Standard Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad (part no. 90873)
Standard Microsoft Sidewinder standard joystick (part No. 96679)
Joystick Logitech Wingman Attack (part no. 863166)
Joystick Logitech Wingman Extreme (part no. 863002)
Standard Gravis GamePad()
Some Models of CH products
Some Models of Saitek

Solution 2: DB15 port with Device built in USB Controller.
Compatible Microsoft part no. 98427.
This adapter supports USB-compatible devices
Below is a List of Compatible Devices:
Gamepad Microsoft Sidewinder Freestyle Pro (part no. 57019)
Joystick Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro (part no. 57540)
NOT "Sidewinder 3D Pro Plus" (see joystick's bottom)
Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital 3D joystick (part no. 863167)
Logitech Wingman Gamepad (part no. 863169)
All other usb protocol supporting gameport devices - see user's guide

Solution 3:
For MIDI Interface from DB15 Port.
this : MIDI Device with Optical Isolation Cable DB15 to DIN5
with : MIDI Device Optical Isolation Cable. Replacement via USB

Must use a DB15 Card.
The following Gameport Device have Compatibility Issues with USB:
Joystick Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro (part no. 63545)
Joystick Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro Plus (part No. 97462)
Joystick Microsoft Sidewinder Force-Feedback Pro (part no. 96755)
Microsoft Sidewinder Force-Feedback-Wheel (part No. 65738)

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